We all hope that our loved ones have long, healthy and fulfilling lives.  Unfortunately for some, this is not the case and their lives are ended abruptly.  Sometimes this may be the result of a health condition, but other times there may be some liability involved from a product, service or activity.  In the cases where there is provable fault or negligence, a wrongful death suit can help compensate family members, at least in some way, for their loss.

Although money can never bring back a loved one, it can help cover funeral costs and associated bills as well as compensate for potential lifetime earnings so that family members can still have their financial needs met over a longer period of time.  There is also compensation considerations for pain and suffering and other damages that can be awarded as well.

One recent example of a tragic loss was the gruesome death of a young boy at a water park in Kansas.  Having been fatally wounded on the “insane” water slide, the park shut the ride down for the remainder of the year and will undoubtedly be facing a wrongful death suit.  There are many other examples similar to this that happen more frequently, and there are also situations where there is criminal activity, such as intentional harm.

As with many legal actions, civil or criminal, there are usually statutes of limitation.  This means that someone has to file their complaint within a given time period after the incident occurred.  For wrongful death claims, this is typically two years.

Who Can File a Wrongful Death Suit?

Most of the people who file wrongful death claims are spouses, parents, adult children, guardians of children or other next of kin.  Sometimes it is a business partner or some other associate who is directly impacted financially by the person’s sudden absence.

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