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What is the biggest mistake made by people who have been injured through a personal injury due to the negligence of others?  Waiting too long to file a claim.


Meet Personal Injury Attorney Brian Limbocker

First, there is a two-year statute of limitations for most accident claims. State law places the burden on the injured party to file a suit. If you wait too long — to see how serious your injury is, or to get over the physical or psychological trauma of being badly hurt — you may lose your only chance to win compensation.

Second, proving culpability requires evidence, and evidence has a way of disappearing after accidents in which people are seriously hurt. Papers disappear, driver’s logs are written over, even the tire streaks on the highway begin to fade. The longer you wait, the less evidence will be there when your attorney goes looking. You need to act fast to obtain the most out of your personal injury claim. Contact your Woodstock Personal Injury Attorney Brian Limbocker.

Brian Limbocker has helped other injury victims win the compensation they deserved, and he can help you, too.

This is a partial listing of the kinds of personal injury cases Brian Limbocker takes:

At Limbocker Law Firm, LLC, we know that obtaining compensation is important for you. You have medical bills to pay, and your ability to earn has been undermined by the injury. In addition you may be suffering psychologically from the wounds you have received. That’s why we always seek maximum compensation for serious injuries.

All personal injury cases are undertaken on a contingency fee basis. This means you owe us nothing until we produce a positive outcome for you.

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What Areas Do You Serve for Personal Injury?

We have several Georgia locations, however we serve the Atlanta metro Area:

The North Atlanta Choice For Professional Representation

The courts respect our knowledge of the law, and insurance companies know they are in for a fight.

When you want top-quality legal representation in a car accident claim, call the personal injury lawyer so many in Atlanta’s north metro call — Brian Limbocker of Limbocker Law Firm, LLC. 

What People Say About Us

From beginning to end, the Limbocker Lawfirm handled my case with the highest level of professionalism. I HIGHLY recommend this team to anyone. They are very responsive and attentive regarding the needs and changes to my case. They made me feel as though they were fighting for me all the way to the end.

Thank you Brian and Julie for all your hard work and dedication!

Jason Gaglione

I highly recommend Limbocker Law Firm for your legal needs. I can’t stress how knowledgeable and helpful both Brian and Julie were. During a very stressful time in my life, they both were there to support me, answer the many questions I had and were always available to me in a timely manner. If you need legal help whether it be bankruptcy, personal injury, etc, I would highly recommend this law firm. They did a fantastic job representing me!

Joanne Perry