Technology is continuing to be a part of our lives in every way imaginable, and while in most cases these advancements can help make life easier, it has also been found that people can become complacent and even reckless as a result. The most obvious example is distracted driving while using a mobile phone to send texts or emails, but there are many other examples as well.

This dangerous behavior, which is illegal in many states now, has resulted in far too many accidents and even fatalities. As many people often wonder, is the technology itself ever at fault, even if partially, for what users do with it? It’s a question we thought we would explore a bit more.

One recent fatality that gained a lot of press was the Tesla owner who died in a crash while reportedly watching a movie while he was driving and had the car engaged in “autopilot.” It isn’t unreasonable to ask whether the fact that there is a setting like this encouraged the reckless behavior.

Another example from right here in Georgia involves a female driver who was traveling at over 100mph and using Snapchat. The app, which has several popular filters, includes one where people can share their current speed. Several lawsuits have recently implicated Snapchat in causing accidents, and a petition to have the filter removed has generated thousands of signatures online. In instances like this, is the technology responsible for encouraging such dangerous actions, or is the fault solely on the user/consumer?

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